CASE STUDY: Crux Biomedical


  • Generate maximum coverage of FDA clearance of Crux Biomedical’s new vena cava filter (VCF) to prevent pulmonary embolisms in patients at risk


  • Develop key media relationships to present the Crux Biomedical story for future coverage

  • Use clinical study results presentation at Society for Interventional Radiology meeting as pre-clearance platform to introduce the company and its technology


  • Offer KOLs in vascular surgery and interventional cardiology as spokespeople for the Crux VCF

  • Prepare the Chase Communications team to move quickly at FDA clearance


  • 25+ articles by trade, medical and business publications

  • Press release picked up by 402 websites with combined 565 million visits per month

  • Reached 500+ media outlets in one day