Organogenesis, Inc.


  • Position Organogenesis (OI) as an early leaderand “spokesperson” in the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine
  • Create distance from 2001 bankruptcy
  • Overcome/deflect confusion with stem cell therapies and politically charged stem cell issues


  • Communicate a complex technology to diverse audiences

  • Outreach to KOLs in business and government regarding policy issues

  • highlight OI’s leadership commercializing and manufacturing a living-cell therapy


  • Highlight and build upon OI’s work with the state of Massachusetts and its contribution through corporate expansion and employment growth

  • Create and leverage speaking opportunities

  • Ongoing national, local and social media campaigns

  • Outreach to political leadership and KOLs


  • 300+ media hits over 4 years, translating into tens of millions of impressions

  • In 2009, BusinessWeek featured OI as the bright spot in a sea of non-innovation, covered company turnaround, put the bankruptcy story to rest

  • Negative media coverage averted

  • OI regularly referred to a “regenerative medicine leader”

  • Company is regularly requested for speaking opportunities and media requests regarding regenerative medicine

  • Company has been named:

    • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist

    • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Magazine’s “Team of the Year”