Santen Pharmaceutical 


  • Avert negative coverage of ophthalmic pharmaceutical company’s CEO resignation and executive staff layoffs
  • Smooth employees through layoffs
  • Provide customers with thorough answers
  • Begin positive media coverage


  • Develop key media relationships to present the Santen story and establish relationships for future coverage
  • Provide materials to address employee concerns
  • Begin public and media relations to re-brand/re-position Santen as premier ophthalmic company in U.S. market


  • Develop multiple version Information Kit for media, employees and customers that addresses all issues


  • Negative media attention successfully averted

  • Secured select coverage for reorganization announcement

  • Aggressive outreach for new CEO announcement

  • Continuing outreach to generate media awareness

  • Continuing outreach to build brand awareness

  • Comprehensive (internal) employee and community outreach plan to create positive association

  • Developed and enhanced relationship of U.S. employee base with Japanese parent CEO